Leases, Rentals, & Laundry Room Management

Clean Design offers commercial laundry equipment for a variety of multiple-housing facilities including apartment complexes, condominiums, retirement communities and college dormitories. Many utilize Clean Designs Leasing Service in which Clean Designs leases top of the line equipment and provides service for their washers and dryers.

Clean Designs oversees regular collections and returns a significant portion of the revenue back to the facility. It's the hands-free way for multiple-housing facilities to provide their residents with the latest and best laundry equipment with $0 cash investment. We also provide an emergency number for quick service response even on nights and weekends.

Clean Designs can help you settle on a contract duration that best suits your location. The terms will vary based upon the size and number of machines that you need, but they are usually in the 5 to 7 year range. Most of the time, Clean Designs only requires a 30 day notice if you wish to end the agreement and have us remove the machines.

Our experienced sales staff can help you determine a plan for your laundry equipment needs given the space available and expected usage.

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