AF Series
by Aquawing

Aquawing Ozone Injection Systems (AWOIS, LLC) has defined ozone laundry technology and is the premier company in ozone laundry systems. Utilizing patented technology, Aquawing Ozone Laundry System is the ultimate ozone catalysis available to allow cold water to maximize ROI, delete flushes and rinses, extended linen life, Validate Disinfection of Linen, activates wash chemistry better than hot water, extends life of equipment, and is environmentally friendly. Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry Systems have the ability to introduce the maximum amount of ozone during any wash cycle with its Patented Variable Ozone, Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry Systems are able to provide unmatched savings and virtually endless other benefits to our client base in a user friendly and reliable package.

Key Features

  • Dramatic Utility Savings
  • Kills over 99.99% of Bacteria
  • Made in USA


Model Feature Brochure
AF Series Up to 4 washers per tower or wall unit. download

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